Hotel Campagna  

Where to sleep Lake Maggiore

Hotel Campagna is the right solution if you seek where to sleep in Lake Maggiore. With unassuming yet elegant accommodations and top quality services, our structure is the perfect destination to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Find where to sleep in Cannobio in just a few clicks. Our 36 bedrooms are spacious and feature all kinds of modern amenities and a soothing, well-lit atmosphere specifically devised to help guests get a well-deserved rest. Some rooms even have their own balcony facing the lagoon where you can sit back and relax by yourself or in good company.

Getting where to sleep in Cannobio has never been more pleasant thanks to our courtesy and attention to detail. By staying at our comfortable premises you will be in close vicinity to the town center and the lakefront, giving you the opportunity to visit numerous local attractions and landmarks in addition to trekking and cycling trails scattered across this territory.

A whole world of opportunities opens up when the place where to sleep in Lake Maggiore is so close to numerous restaurants, monuments and live events in the area. You can also go for a relaxing walk along the shoreline and admire the scenery.

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